Energy-Efficient Pet Doors
for Canadian Winters

Insulated and airtight cat & dog doors engineered for extreme cold weather

Energy-Efficient Pet Doors for Canadian Winters

Insulated and airtight cat & dog doors engineered for extreme cold weather.

10X Better than Energy Star Standards

Freedom Pet Pass cat and dog doors have been independently tested and confirmed to be 10X better at keeping outside air from infiltrating your home than Canada’s Energy Star requirements for windows and human doors.

DoubleMag Technology

The airtight seal that keeps winter out.

DoubleMag Blocks Extreme Winds

Airtight Seal Blocks Cold Winter Winds

Check out this video. We point a leaf blower directly at a Freedom Pet Pass door and turn it on high speed to see if any air makes it through the DoubleMag seal.

According to Wikipedia, leaf blowers can generate wind speeds of 225 – 435 kph. Even under those extreme conditions, no air gets through the seal to affect the flame… until the seal is broken, then watch how violent the wind actually is!

Our pet doors protect your home from outside air intrusion, even under extreme conditions like these.

The Pet Door Built for Winter

Engineered from the ground up to stand up to Canada’s most extreme winter weather.

Freedom Pet Pass Blocks the Cold

FLIR infra-red thermal image showing how well Freedom Pet Pass energy-efficient pet doors insulate and keep extreme cold winter weather out.
Left: “Best selling” dog door registering at -14° C (7° F)
Right: Freedom Pet Pass dog door, registering at room temp
Outdoor temperature: -18 ° C (-1 ° F)

Thermal Performance you Can See

Most pet doors, like the “best selling” dog door shown on the left of FLIR thermal image, do nothing but let cold into your home. The flap leaks, and the metal frame conducts the cold outside temperatures right into your house.

Freedom Pet Pass doors are engineered from the ground up to keep the cold air outside where it belongs. The insulated frame performs better than most doors, the airtight seal on the insulated flap doesn’t let a wisp of cold air through. You can see the difference with a thermal camera, and you can feel it in your home.

Zero Drafts

The DoubleMag™ flap system gives an airtight seal that independent laboratory testing has shown to be 10X better than the Canadian requirements for Energy Star certified human doors.

Insulated Flaps

The thick, thermally-insulated Freedom Pet Pass flap remains flexible and functional below -40°C. Combined with the airtight DoubleMag seal, it keeps winter outside where it belongs.


Other doors “claim” to be energy efficient. We prove it with independent lab testing using the same protocols required for Energy Star certification for windows and doors.

Polar Vortex? No Problem!

“Today, December 17, 2016, was the last day of a Polar Arctic Vortex that hit us over 3 weeks ago. Temperatures were -25 to -54 degrees Celsius (with wind chill), 24 hours a day. I have to tell you, the Freedom Pet Pass door did not let in any noticeable cold air! Nor was it cold at all to stand next to. We have been amazed and would recommend this door to anyone!”

Christy Baines – Lethbridge, AB