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Is your dog sleeping by the pet door this winter?

Where is your dog sleeping this winter? In your bed? In a Cage? In the kitchen? How about when you’re not at home? If you own a dog door, chances are you kennel him near the dog door, he lays there waiting for you to return, or likes hanging out by the dog door when you are home. Frigid winter weather is coming fast. Do you own a drafty pet door? Are you thinking of installing a pet door before winter? A leaky pet door can cause some potential health problems for your dog.

Dogs spending time near a drafty pet door can

– Wake up with stiff joints making it difficult for them to move

– Develop respiratory infections such as kennel cough or other infectious diseases

– Begin to shiver

– Create stress on the body

If your dog is spending time near a drafty pet door this winter you do have some options. A pet door that seals allowing no air leakage will seal in the comfort of your home and keep the cold weather outside. A thermal pet flap will keep the area near the pet door comfortable. Do you have a pet door that drafts air? If so, who makes it? Lets keep our dogs healthy and comfortable this winter!

For more cold weather tips read this ASPCA note tip #10

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